Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fort Bliss Relocation List

Millions of Americans move every year, yet even the most organized person will probably not be able to remember every detail of their move. According to top moving companies these 10 items are most important to your relocation preparation list:

Medical Records
Obtaining copies of your medical records including your dentist, veterinarian and vaccine/immunization information can often be overlooked. In some cases, a notarized letter is required to receive the official documentation; you may need to contact the American Medical Records Association to determine your new state's procedure.

School Records
Your child's permanent school record cannot follow him or her through life if it's left behind. In addition, school records are usually required when registering your child at a new school. Often, copies will not be sufficient, and records with a raised seal will be necessary.

Old Phone Numbers
Pack phone books from your old town. You may think you'll remember the numbers you frequently call now but, more likely, you'll spend a small fortune on directory assistance charges to contact old friends or tie up loose ends.

Local Business Errands
Remember to complete transactions with local businesses (for example, picking up your dry cleaning).

Your New Address
In the flurry of preparing for the move, you may often forget your forwarding address - important information when forwarding periodicals and credit card bills, as well as keeping in touch with old friends. Always keep your new address handy in your wallet or purse.

Garage Door Opener
Many people often forget to take
the electric garage door opener out of their car before leaving. Remember to leave the opener for the new tenants or owners.

Don't forget the pets!
In most cases, moving companies cannot transport animals or plants. Remember to make arrangements for their transfer.

Safe Deposit Box Items
Many people forget to retrieve important documents from their safe deposit box. It is also wise to establish a checking account in your new town about a month prior to your move so that you have immediate access to your account.

Spare House Keys
The collection of spare house keys
can often be forgotten. Whether it means getting them from neighbors
who kept them, or retrieving them from under the rock next to the front door, don't forget to gather all sets before you depart.

Although your focus will be on your new home or apartment, you can't forget about preparing the old residence for your exit. Remember to leave out cleaning supplies for the final "once-over" before closing the door for good, or make arrangements in advance for a service to clean it for you.

If you are relocating to the El Paso or Fort Bliss, Texas area call today and let my experience find you some of the best areas to buy a home in.

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